Support the Scholarship Fund of AAUW

Fundraising Member Donations:

Thanks so much to all the members who have donated anywhere from $10/$20 to $100 or more toward our Scholarship fund. Our goal is $5000. So far we have raised over two thousand dollars ($2245 or $2345 to be more exact) from sixteen or seventeen of our members

If all 50 members gave $100, we would be done. We do recognize that although that’s a nice round figure, it is not realistic to expect everyone to donate at that level and we do not wish to make anyone feel that she must drop out or resign. This is simply a different, more direct approach. There is no disrespect or undue pressure accompanying this – we will try to determine that each member is indeed aware of the drive by mailing letters to members who do not receive email (or in some cases are so overwhelmed by it they don’t see everything).

Checks should be made out to AAUW Scholarship Fund – Keene Branch. Please mail to: 56 Chapman Road, Keene, NH 03431